Natural soap and grey fabric cloth face mask

Top 5 tips on how to make soap by hands

Until around 1916, making soap at home was commonplace. Using wood or plant ashes and leftover animal fats, families produced their own soap for cleaning their clothes and themselves.

Essential oil bottle with flowers, crystals and natural soaps

How to create cold
process handmade soap

Cold-process soap is a beautiful looking handmade soap that, when scented with essential oils and colored with botanical elements, makes for a project you can make at home that looks like it came from an artist’s gallery.

woman holding block

The best handcrafted soap ideas

Handmade soap is not only therapeutic and fun to make, but it’s a great way to infuse the healing properties of plants into something that touches our skin daily. Take a look at these beautiful homemade soap recipes, and make a batch of your own!